8 Luglio 2019

The University of Trento is the best state university in Italy

The Censis ranking 2019-2020 published yesterday by la Repubblica awards top position to UniTrento. Trento is ahead of Siena in the category of medium sized universities and achieves top score across all state universities with 97/110. The performance in internationalization and communication was fundamental, but the University is well placed for study grants and facilities too. Excellent results in disciplinary areas. Rector Paolo Collini welcomed the news and thanked University faculty and staff

The University of Trento leads the ranking of Italy's state universities. The news was published yesterday in La Repubblica by Censis, which has been compiling a well-known ranking that is used as a guide for prospective students for almost twenty years. After some years in which it placed second or third, UniTrento left its competitors behind and earned the top position among medium-sized universities (those with 10,000 to 20,000 students) preceding Siena and Trieste. With 97/110, it has achieved the best score across all categories, which make it the best university in Italy. UniTrento therefore is ahead of some technological universities (politecnici) and of large and prominent state universities like Bologna and Sapienza University in Rome.
Of the six indicators considered, two were crucial for the result achieved by UniTrento in the 2019-2020 ranking: "internationalization" (104 points) and "digital communication and services" (103 points). However, it scored well in the category of study grants (98) and facilities (98) too. A new indicator, "employability", was adopted this year to measure (in percentage points) the participation in the labour market by master graduates of 2017, one year after their graduation. The University of Trento placed well in this case, too (93/100).
Together with a general overview of each university, Censis also published a teaching ranking, in which Trento obtained good positions. In the ranking of five-year master's programmes, UniTrento is first with Law (101.5), and thirteenth with Construction engineering-Architecture (83). In the ranking of undergraduate degrees, it leads in the areas of Computer science and Information and communication technologies (108), Science (100, with Physics, Mathematics and Biology), and Social and political science and communication (106.5, with Sociology, International Studies and Social Work); it is second in the area of Psychology and cognitive science (110, same score as Bologna), fourth in Economics (103), fifth in Languages (105) and seventh in Literature and humanities (92). UniTrento is 18th in the area of Civil engineering and Architecture (83), 20th in Industrial Engineering and Information Engineering (89.5), 28th in Arts and design (81.5, this area includes arts and music). 
Great placements for the University's master's degrees: first in Psychology and Cognitive Science (110), second in Computer Science and Information and Communication technologies (103), eighth in the area of political and social science and communication (91.5), ninth in literature-humanities (94.5), tenth in science (90), eleventh in Architecture and Civil engineering (80).
Rector Paolo Collini welcomed the news with satisfaction: "The top place among medium sized universities with the highest score of all Italian universities confirms the great quality of the University of Trento in this ranking. The data demonstrate the quality of the work that we have been doing for years, in line with the evaluations performed by official agencies like Anvur (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems) and other research organizations that compile rankings. Ours is a consolidated position in the Italian academic context, which proves that the University of Trento is one of the best places to study and do research in Italy, if not the best. And we can also compete with the best European universities thanks to the opportunities that we give our students. I would like to thank the academic community and the staff of the University for their excellent work: there is no doubt that this achievement is the result of a collective effort over a long period of time".


For detailed information on the ranking, and to download the complete report and methodological notes, visit the website of Censis: