15 Febbraio 2023

Energy saving campaign launched today #soloquantoserve

On the occasion of the National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles

"Natural resources are not endless. The University of Trento has made a committed to use them responsibly and become more and more sustainable. Join this effort by paying attention to small, everyday actions. Together we can make an impact, save energy and protect the environment. We care about UniTrento, we care about the environment. #soloquantoserve". With this message, the University of Trento launched the new awareness-raising campaign aimed at the academic and student community and all the people who visit university facilities every day.
The University of Trento has been engaged for years on the issues of sustainability and energy saving. And it has been decided to launch the campaign on the National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles that is celebrated tomorrow, 16 February, all over Italy with many initiatives. UniTrento has also decided to play its part in promoting more sustainable lifestyles, energy and resource savings and greater awareness in environmental protection.
As part of the campaign, small stickers with the hashtag #soloquantoserve will be placed in offices, classrooms, study rooms, lifts and in general in common spaces across the university. Reading the sticker will serve as a reminder. The sticker on printers will remind users to save paper and only print what is necessary. On windows, stickers will invite people to air the room only for the time necessary, to save on heating costs. On the taps in the bathrooms, they will help reduce water consumption. On switches, they will invite a responsible use of electric light.
On each sticker, the #soloquantoserve hashtag appears with a nature-inspired icon that helps convey the message attached to it: a leaf for consumables such as paper or plastic; the air symbol for heat or cool to be preserved; a drop of water for water resources to be used wisely, for example, in the toilets; the sun for all appliances that use electricity and sometimes are left unnecessarily in standby mode. The sticker features the link to where you can find more information and a list of useful tips to make your contribution to saving resources. To invite everyone to participate, the list is open to further suggestions, which can be sent to
Suggestions will be collected by the Green Office of the University of Trento, which has recently been organized in five working groups with specific tasks - focused on energy, mobility, resources and waste, food, education - that also include University students. The campaign includes totem signs and larger stickers with a QR code that sends visitors to the page to learn more and get some useful tips.
"The campaign aims to raise awareness about sustainability among students and to strengthen environmental education programmes. With this campaign, the University joins many other institutions that are aware of the need to create a cultural change to use resources more wisely and pay attention to small daily actions," commented Marco Ragazzi, Rector's delegate for sustainability. Not everyone has good sustainability habits, and the concept of environmental sustainability may be difficult to understand. Besides, the community of UniTrento is very diversified, with many people from foreign countries: it is important to disseminate good practices that not everyone may be familiar with". To make sure that everyone gets the message, all the texts have been translated into English, and the international hashtag of the campaign will be #ReduceYourUse.
The campaign is just one of the actions implemented by the University in recent years in the area of energy saving and environmental protection. All projects and actions can be found at


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